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Family ethos – the key to great customer service


Family ethos

Directors Brendan Cribbin and Brian Hayes

The family ethos behind the Eirtrans brand continues to work very well for us. Founded as we were by two neighbouring families, we still continue to work on the basis that things can always be done better.

That’s what we set out to prove, and although we have met with great success, we know that this success is a journey, not a destination – and that this journey will always be powered by a commitment to the highest standards of customer care.

Sometimes understandably, this focus is often more of a challenge for the larger transportation companies.

When we break down what we actually mean by ‘customer care’ it comes down to these key pillars:

  • Accurate, reliable quoting
  • Seeing things from the customer’s perspective
  • Faster turnarounds
  • Highly trained staff
  • State of the art equipment and facilities

Accurate, reliable quoting

We aim to be as flexible as possible when it comes to quoting on jobs, providing accurate and precise quotes. A quote tailored to your exact and specific requirements is your best guarantee of value for money.

Seeing things from the customer’s perspective

Our firm’s family ethos allows us to see our service from your perspective, enabling us to deliver quality through regular communication with you at every step. That’s the secret of achieving maximum efficiency.

Faster turnarounds

We fully appreciate how much of your profitability depends on fast sales, which is why Eirtrans provides the fastest turnarounds anywhere in Ireland.

Highly trained staff

Recruiting drivers is never easy, and more so now than ever. Despite this, our approach to recruiting is painstaking. Personal qualities are as important as up to date credentials and road safety knowledge.

State of the art equipment and facilities

We put time and effort into ensuring that our storage facilities in Dublin and Crewe UK are as secure as they can ever be. We also have 24/7 surveillance and space for over 300 cars.

As is only too evident today, words can be cheap. It’s actions that count.

Our many satisfied customers readily attest to our fast, efficient car transportation service for Ireland and the UK. Call Eirtrans today for a quote.