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After the end of the Brexit transition period, from 31 December 2020 onward, we will continue to offer all of our collection and delivery services to our own established high standards.

We appreciate that customers will need someone to look after the new requirements, which is why we have put arrangements in place to deal with all of the customs formalities that will be involved. Please rest assured, the scale of our operation, combined with our vast experience will help ensure that any additional costs to you are kept to a minimum.

As far as our procedures are concerned, you will experience very little change. It will still be simply a matter of asking us to ship your vehicle across the Irish Sea.  We may have to ask for some additional information so that we can answer queries from customs, but this will be nothing major.

For the month of January 2021 and the period immediately after that, our transporters may experience delays caused by congestion or other problems at the ports, despite our best efforts. During that short period, while the new procedures are bedding down, we would ask you to bear with us.

In summary – please don’t worry! We will continue to provide a full service, and we will continue to collect and deliver for you.

Brian Hayes, Brendan Cribbin,
Directors, Eirtrans Ltd