No-deal Brexit and the Irish transportation industry

No-deal Brexit:

The latest international haulage proposals from European Commission


According to the latest issue of UK Haulier magazine, if there was a no-deal Brexit the European Commission would seek to let UK and EU operators keep to the free movement of goods between UK and other EU member states up until the end of December 2019.

It was also interesting to read the comments of CEO of the Road Haulage Association aboutNo-deal Brexit this. He said that although it was welcome news in that it would reduce dependence on ECMT permits through the rest of this year, the EU Commission’s proposal would be conditional on the UK offering a reciprocal arrangement. He also said this:

“This is a logical and practical proposal by the Commission. However, the proposal contains several restrictions. It is time limited and the Commission has said it retains the right to cancel at any time.”

I agree that this is a good proposal in as far as it goes. But in a no-deal Brexit scenario, the Commission has ruled out any cabotage in the EU for UK registered drivers.  And as the RHA magazine points out, there is no mention of transit movements either. 

That’s not so great to hear. Transit allows unrestricted UK movements to non-EU states and free movement of trucks between Ireland and the rest of the EU.

No-deal Brexit would be a huge challenge for us. As I mentioned in my previous article on Brexit and how it will or won’t affect our industry, the best plan for all of us in our industry is to trust to our tried and true business values and practices. Successful business has always been about being agile and adaptable in the face of new challenges.  

As you’d expect, on this hot topic, I’ll give you another update very soon!