Shipping a car abroad

Planning is key

Shipping a car abroad can be an involved process, so it is really important to make sure you have all of the angles covered. And the very best way to do this is to choose your partners very carefully.

If you are, yourself, moving abroad, you are going to need your mode of transport, whether that is too commute to work, explore your new surroundings or look for somewhere to live. What you don’t need to be doing in these early days is trying to get around by public transport. But what makes more sense? Buying a car when you arrive, or shipping a car abroad?

Buying your car overseas

Buying a car when you first arrive can seem like the best plan, but think carefully before deciding to go down this route. There are often extra costs to pay. See this guide for the true costs of buying a car in the UK.

The extra costs described can really add up and put a lot of money onto the original price of the vehicle. The best advice is to check exactly what taxes you will have to pay. There are online calculators available in some places, so check this out and see.

Shipping a car abroad

Shipping your car abroad, on the other hand has one major benefit – that you will have transport as soon as you arrive, and that, in an unfamiliar environment, can be a huge advantage. In some countries, your European or UK licence will be valid for a year before you have to convert it to a local one. In a strange land, as you are getting used to new ways of doing things, you will at least, have a familiar form of transport.

But what of the costs involved? Much of your decision will be based on how much your car is worth, and also the value you place on it. But shipping a car abroad is actually far more affordable than you may think, and when you ship your car from Ireland to the UK or the UK to Ireland, Eirtrans will deliver it to your door. To find out more about our car shipping services, or our car transportation services within the UK, call our office for details.