Transporting your car from the UK

If you are transporting your car from the UK we would always advise you to find out as much as you can before you start transporting it. The time at which you plan to export your car will help determine the declarations that need to be made when the car arrives. Is it, for instance, going to stay in Ireland permanently, or is this only temporary? This will help ensure you have the correct paperwork in hand.

All of the documentation must be correct, both in the UK and for when the vehicle arrives in Ireland. You must make sure you have the V5C document as well as the invoice for when you had to de-register the car. You do need to check to make sure you have all the requisite copies, otherwise you may have to pay for storage as well as transportation.

The main message here is ‘do your homework’ before you begin transporting your car from the UK. There are a variety of regulations for different countries, for example, if you are shipping a car to US, the regs state that it must be over a certain age or have US specs. Fortunately, things are not so exacting in the EU.

All cars shipped into Ireland are subject to VRT or Vehicle Registration Tax and the car must be registered. You’ll need new registration plates, motor insurance and you’ll also need to pay motor tax. If there is any kind of delay with regard to VRT, you could be up for hefty fines, including having the car taken off you.

VRT is paid at a National Car Testing Service Centre, where the car is examined to ensure the correct tax rate is applied. This is based on something called OMPS – or Open Market Selling Price – which is calculated on the basis of the retail price of the vehicle.

If you are bringing a foreign registered vehicle into the country, there may be some circumstances in which VRT does not apply. There are more details about this on the Revenue website:

In the UK, you must let the DVLA know that your vehicle is about to be exported from the UK. Finally, but by no means least important, you need to have a custom clearing agent in Ireland – these are easy to find online and they will inform you of their rates and what you need to pay in taxes and duties.

Contact us if you’d like any more information about transporting your car from the UK or on any of the points made here.