Why achieving the fastest vehicle collection and delivery times matters

At Eirtrans, we appreciate the fact that for car dealerships, quick vehicle collection and delivery is absolutely vital for profitability. This is why we set out to achieve the fastest turnarounds in our industry.  We did achieve this and we are incredibly proud of the fact that despite all of the current challenges around Covid, we can ensure incredibly fast turnarounds. If we operated on the ‘one size fits all’ model of customer service, we’d never be able to achieve that, because the customer would be forced to adapt to how we work, instead of the opposite.

Driven by customer servicevehicle collection and delivery

We now have more than 20 car transporters on the road continuously, with more than 4 acres of car storage for more than 300 cars, in Ireland and the UK, with state-of-the-art security, 24/7 surveillance.  It’s a success story founded upon a commitment to adapt to the way our customers want to work and it continues to bring us great customer loyalty. We know our customers personally and they know us and our brand values. This is true for all our customers – dealerships, garages and private customers – in the UK as well as in Ireland.

Brand loyalty – a precious commodity

With all of the Covid and Brexit challenges ahead, we know that there may be tough times, but we take great solace from those brand values which will always underpin everything we do. I think there’s a broader business lesson here which goes beyond vehicle collection and delivery, and has implications for just about any business. It is about being true to what your brand stands for – its values. We don’t know what will happen in the future and there will always be factors beyond our control. But being true to ourselves has certainly stood us in good stead to this point, and we’re quietly confident that it will continue to bring us success in the future. That success will also be down to the ongoing loyalty of all our Eirtrans customers and supporters.